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Vitamins and the Lap Band


The issue of vitamin supplementation for Lap Band patients is controversial. Because there is no anatomical change to the gastrointestinal system, vitamins are not needed for that reason. The Lap Band patient should be at no higher risk than the general population. The issue of whether vitamins are needed should be based on the medical needs of the patient, not the presence of the Lap Band. Band patients should be eating a healthier diet, just in smaller volumes.

Because this isn't always the case, a safe vitamin regimen might entail:


  • One adult (RDA) multivitamin per day
  • Co-Q-10 - 50mg tab 3 x per day


  • Centrum elixir once per day for first 2 weeks after surgery


  • 1 adult (RDA) multivitamin per day
  • 600mg Calcium citrate 2x per day (1500mg/day if post-menopausal)
  • Co-Q-10 - 50mg tab 3x per day for at least the first 3 months after surgery

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