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PreOperative Planning and the Lap Band


Lap Band Surgery is a part of helping control the chronic medical disease of Morbid Obesity. The Lap Band is only a tool in helping you achieve your goal. The purpose of the Lap Band is to help control hunger and cravings and make you feel full faster by providing restriction.

You actually do all the hard work yourself by:

  • choosing the right foods to eat
  • eating a limited portion
  • chewing very well
  • eating slowly

You need to have the correct mind-set before you can use the tool of the Lap Band effectively.

Steps leading up to Lap Band Surgery

  • Attend an informational/educational seminar (usually free)
  • Make sure you meet Lap Band surgical criteria
  • Decide how you are going to pay for the Lap Band operation (self-pay/financing vs insurance coverage)
  • Bariatric psychological screening
  • Commitment to life-style modification
  • Meet with Lap Band Surgeon (Have all diet and medical information available)
  • Complete goals from Lap Band Surgeon (ie. cardiac testing)
  • Start calorie restriction and complete 2 weeks of high protein liquid meal replacement to shrink liver and thin the intra-abdominal fat
  • Meet again at surgeon's office to finalize questions and make sure all goals have been met
  • Preop screening tests (ie. Chest X-ray, EKG, blood work, urinanalysis, lipid profile, thyroid panel, diabetic screening, pregnancy test)


If you live near Tampa Bay, Florida, and need information on attending an informational seminar or are interested in having me perform your operation, contact my office at (813)788-5569.