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Pregnancy and the Lap Band


  • 1-1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight
  • 3-5 servings of fruits/vegetables per day
  • Minimum of one serving of milk or yogurt per day
  • 4-5 meals per day
  • One bariatric blend multivitamin
  • One prenatal vitamin with iron
  • 1500mg Calcium citrate, taken 2-4 times per day (calcium needs increase 122-167% during pregnancy)
  • Vitamin B12 daily sublingual or monthly injection

Expected weight gain during pregnancy:

BMI Category

Recommended Total Gain




BMI < 20

12.5 – 18.0

28 – 40

BMI 20-27

11.5 – 16.0

25 – 35

BMI > 27

7.0 – 11.5

15 – 25

Food/Eating Tips for pregnant Lap Band Patients:

  • Avoid eating certain fish such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tilefish because they may contain methylmercury that could damage the nervous system of a fetus.
  • Fish from some areas of New York (for example, the Hudson River area) should also be avoided.
  • Be careful not to eat raw or uncooked seafood, poultry, and meat.
  • Thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid liver and liver products because of high levels of preformed Vitamin A.

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