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Lap Band Fill Adjustments


The Lap Band works by creating a restriction of the upper portion of the stomach. This restriction is controlled by a balloon on the inner surface of the Lap Band that is either inflated or deflated by injecting saline (salt water) into the Lap Band Port. Watch a video of a Lap Band Fill Adjustment being performed HERE.

After the Lap Band operation, most surgeons like to wait approximately 6 weeks before filling the Lap Band. Sufficient time is needed for the Lap Band to heal and scar into place. If too much restriction is present before the Lap Band is fully incorporated into position and PB'ing (productive burping) or vomiting occurs a complication may arise.

Your surgeon may choose to fill (adjust) your Lap Band by a variety of techniques:

  • Using fluoroscopy (live X-Ray) and watching barium flow through the Lap Band and adjusting the fill volume based on how much flow there is.
  • Filling the Lap Band and controlling the fill volume based on the feeling that the patient describes on drinking water. This requires more skill and is part of the art of the Lap Band Adjustment. The surgeon can estimate the correct volume based on the pressure that is felt on the syringe, and use the feedback from the patient to fine tune the fill volume.
  • Using a protocol based approach to fills. For example, give a predetermined fill volume based on a number of factors.

A perfectly adjusted Lap Band is one that allows the Lap Band patient to eat solid food and takes some of the feelings of hunger and craving away. It is a tool to make you feel full faster and decreases the amount of food that you can eat during a meal.