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Definition of a PB.
The PB is also known as a productive burp. In reality it is not simply a burp or even vomiting but somewhere in between. The PB may consist of bringing up mucus or even the bolus of food. You may experience upper abdominal pain lasting from minutes to hours.

Triggers to stop eating:
1. You feel full.
2. You feel like something youíve eaten is stuck.
3. You PB.
4. You have been eating for 30 minutes.
5. Youíve eaten approximately a half to three quarter cups of food.

Reasons that people PB:
1. You didnít chew enough.
2. You ate too quickly.
3. You ate too much.
4. Your band is too tight.
5. Youíve eaten the wrong type of food or something that doesnít agree with the band. Remember, there are some things that no matter how much you chew, will not go down.