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Lap Band Adjustment Lap Band and Surgical Success
How to tell when your Lap Band is perfectly adjusted...

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Medical Weight Loss Why Medical Weight Loss Fails
Everyone has been on a diet in the past. It is usually not difficult to lose weight, it is keeping it off that is the hard part. Many medical studies confirm this...

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THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I am slowly trying to add Lap Band, Obesity, Gastric Bypass, Nutritional and Dietary information. Please check back frequently because I will update it as I find time. There will be a section of interesting pictures and videos as well.

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Surgical Therapy for Morbid Obesity .
The purpose of this site is to provide useful and current information about various aspects of obesity and the surgical treatment of this chronic disease.

  Lap Band Diets

  Lap Band Post Op Information

  Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

  Pregnancy and the Lap Band

  Childhood Obesity

  Diets, nutrition, and medical weight loss

  PreOperative planning

  Lap Band Fill Adjustments

  Is your Lap Band Perfectly Adjusted?

  BMI Calculator

  Vitamins and the Lap Band

Medical Treatment of obesity vs. surgical has under a 4% success rate.

Research your various treatment options and decide on the procedure that is safest.

Discuss the options with your surgeon for guidance. The ultimate decision is yours.
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